Thursday, 28 April 2011

Hamilton Sacred Spirits Totem Mask Collection

I've just recently bought this cool bear mask to hang on my wall and when I googled I realised there is a full collection of all different animal masks. This one in particular is the 'Spirit of Power' one. I want to collect them all if I can :)

Monday, 25 April 2011

The Burberry Prorsum Quilted Leather Biker Jacket

I love this leather jacket. I noticed Kate Bosworth, Sienna Miller and Rachel Bilson wearing it recently so thought i'd post.

Like the Way Rachel Bilson wore it with a maxi dress too :)
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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Customised Shorts

Decided to make a pair of old jeans I dont wear into denim shorts and added some patchwork material to make them look less boring. I think it kinda works. Im tempted to do something with my leather jacket since I love the patchwork on the All Saints Owain jacket and its a little on the expensive side for me ha.

All Saints Owain Leather Jacket £395

Inspiration from Sienna and The 80's

I remember last year seeing some pictures of Sienna Miller, who I am a huge fan of, wearing just one tusk earring. It reminded me of one of my favourite 80's films, Breakin (1984). Ozone, one of the main characters, also wears a similiar one. I took inspiration and made one myself from a pendant.

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Kate Moss in 'Faraway'

Came across the new ad campaign for Longchamp Spring 2011, starring Kate Moss. I love everything about it, the music, the styling and the bohemian setting of the 1960's. She makes me want to get a fringe :)

My Room

I thought I would begin my blog with some pictures of my room; a mixture of shabby chic and relaxed boho style...

Some of my own 'Dusty Boots'

Yes I am an Environmental Health student, hence the magazine :)
Some of my favourite jewellery