Thursday, 5 July 2012

Whats the closest you can get to those Chloe Susan boots everyone loves?

I have loved the studded ankle boots for years, soon as I saw them on Sienna and Kate I wanted them but the price tag of around £800 is pretty dramatic!
I recently decided to do some searching to find some that looked as close to the real ones as possible. And finally my answer to that question is the Office Nighthawk Boots, £80. They are on the website and ebay for the same price and in comparison to the price of the Chloes they are a bargain. I decided to buy myself a pair and I absolutely love them, really good quality too, I would highly recommend them so people save money.
I have now also just found (after already purchasing the black) that they have released them in white and red too. I am so tempted with the red but I think its probably best to get my use from just the one pair. If they get reduced they are a must haha..Hope this helps anyone who has been lusting after the boots :)