Friday, 17 February 2012


Yes Twenty8twelve is definately by favourite designer brand. I could literally wear just about everything they have ever produced. Its sad to hear Sienna and Savannah will no longer be designing but at the least the brand is still going to carry on, I'll still be buying. In particular my own favourite items include the Corbusier Crepe De Chine Oil Slick Dress, the Leeya Draped Jacket and the Erich Blouse (as seen on Sienna below). I got the jacket for around £28, dress also around £28 and the blouse was only around £7 including P&P. Oh how I love Ebay..

I like these pieces too, but unfortunately I have yet to purchase them, just waiting till there cheap :)


I absolutely love Jewelmint and in particular love some of the earrings. Its such a shame that I cant subsribe to it as I live in the UK. Instead we get crappy Cheryl Cole's shoe collection :(. Luckily I have managed to get hold of the Bosa Nova Hoop Earrings shown below, found someone in the UK selling them on Ebay. Oh and I must admit Kate Boswowrth makes them just that bit better, in fact she makes me wants to buy all of the jewellery.