Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Mini Block Heels

I am really liking the mini block heels that are starting to be seen in various shops. I first saw the Sam Edelman sandals and thought the heel was really cute, plus I just don't like wearing full flats, feel like my legs look nicer with a little heel, especially on boots. I then saw Kate Bosworth in a nice classic black pair of ballerinas also with a little metallic heel, which are are actually by Asos, but unfortunately have sold out now.
I was shopping in Asda the other day and noticed that they are now doing a few different types of these shoes with the mini block heels. I tried on a pair of black patent loafer style ones which have a section of pony skin on the front and loved them. They are really comfortable too and well worth it at £14. I thought they would only go with dresses and shorts but I think they look cool with jeans too.
They also do a quilted pair which are pale pink and black, a classic black pair with a bow and the slipper style shoes that are now in in both black and leopard print so theres a variety to choose from, all with the block heel. Also another little tip, just checked out George online and my shoes are now £7, half the price, really tempted to take mine back and purchased online ha! Such a Cheapskate!

Free People September Catalogue

I just came across the new Free People range and its great! Basically its Kate Moss inspired, its obvious as the looks are very wearable, effortless and grunge. I thought the prices would be decent but to be honest they are a little on the expensive side, might have to wait for the sales!
In particular I love..
The dreamweaver bag
The swing coat
The embroidered jacket
Montecito bag, around £42. I know I've seen a lot of vintage saddle bags like this on ebay so might have a good search. I'm also crazy about the Cavalier boots which are shown on one of the earlier photos in a cream and bronze colour, along with the leopard print coat!